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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pigs Can Fly...well it might be possible, right?

Yes, Pigs can fly.  I've seen it. OK, I haven't seen it, but it might happen, right?  And that's what this blog is about.  No not pigs flying, but the possibility that they could, the possibility that set in our ways we don't see the world around us as it is, but as we have been told it is. The possibility that each of us may have something new to learn or share.  That people can change how they think, learn new things and see things from a new point of view, or at least I hope we all can.  

We all grow up with preconceived ideas, like and dislikes, things we were taught and have come to believe.  But if we are honest with ourselves there may be another way to look at something, a new idea or point of view.  A new recipe to cook and share.  A hobby to try.  Or a current issue to discuss, or even ask new questions about.  Maybe even a spiritual discussion to have.

Have you ever watched a child learn something new or encounter something they have never seen before?  They ask questions, they want to know what, why and how.  So what happens to us as we get older?  We all to often see things through jaded eyes, eyes that may not see the world with awe and wonder any longer.  Eyes that might never believe that pigs can fly.  And we may be convinced  that it is too late to recapture that child-like wonder.  Well I believe it isn't too late.

So welcome to Pigs Can Fly.  I hope that what I write will entertain and encourage.  I hope to learn from those who read and comment.  I what this to become a discussion, an exchange of ideas and views and most of all a place that we might see a pig fly.  Oh, and you'll be subjected to my dry sense of humor, my nature photos and weird observations. So let me know what you think, let's see if Pigs Can Fly!

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